Want every massage in the list.! Then this is the one for yowl Cet a great mix of the best massage available, all in one! The king massage will improve your oxygenation and blood circulation, it will simulate your lymphatic system to drain its toxins, you will relax your body and mind with hot candles and aromatherapy. The perfect como to go back home as good as new.

Relaxing; this therapy will help you reduce and even eliminate contractions back-aches, great to promote a general state of wellness.

Lymphatic; purifying treatment that stimulates your lymphatic system leaving it free of toxins. Cet your body ready to enjoy the vitally of your life. Improve your blood circulation reduce depression symptoms, insomnio, headaches and cellulite.

Hot Candles; end your session with a special treat that will st.imulate your senses the mixture of a relaxing massage with aromatherapy and hot candles will help your physical and emotional body feel complete renewed.


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