Moonlight Massage

A relaxing massage for two on the beach in front of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by torches and candles companied by a basket of tropical fruits and a bottle of ine. It is a special moment to achieve harmony between body, mind and soul. It is perfect for couples who want to live a romantic […]

Vibrational Therapy

The sound therapy applied with the Tibetan bowls has, according to music therapy, a very powerful healing effect in addition to being of great beauty. Duration 90 minutes BOOK NOW

Nazareth Massage

Want every massage in the list.! Then this is the one for yowl Cet a great mix of the best massage available, all in one! The king massage will improve your oxygenation and blood circulation, it will simulate your lymphatic system to drain its toxins, you will relax your body and mind with hot candles […]


Its origin comes from the oriental and Ayurvedic medicine. The pindas are a natural preparation of aromatic and medicinal herbs that are wrapped in a bag-shaped cloth heated by steam. These are applied to the body in order to enhance its soothing, moisturizing and detoxifying properties. The combinations of massage and herbs generates a pleasurable […]

Hot Candles Aromatherpy

This easy massage candle recipe makes rich, sensual scented massage oil candles perfect for hot oil massage. Stimulation of the senses to regenerate the physical body as well as your emotional state. Duration 90 minutes BOOK NOW

Hot Stones

A stone massage is a massage that uses smooth flat, and heated rocks placed at key points on the body. Deeply relaxing massage that will leave you in a state of total calmness. Duration 80 minutes BOOK NOW


Bamboo massage incorporates smooth bamboo sticks to provide for more effective deep-tissue work. Can be localized or general. A gentle massage that helps active the body’s energy. Recommended for cellulitis. Duration 90 minutes BOOK NOW

Six Hands

It is a unique treatment and experience to stimulate circulation in the body and release stored pain in the mtJSCIes and joints provided by the 6 hands that massage at the same rhythm with aromatherapy oils. It is the ideal antidote to stress. Relax and enjoy to have fresh energy coursing through the body and […]

Four Hands

Apart from the deep physical relaxation effect provided by the 4 hands that massage at the same pace, this massage provides a unique mental relaxation. The best eliminating contractions and releases tension of any type. Duration 60 minutes BOOK NOW


Aromatherapy massage incorporates the use of pure essential oils with many styles of massage. We offer different blends of essential oils to choose from bases on their aromaor therapeutic benefits. Duration 80 minutes BOOK NOW