Wrap, Exfoliation, Massage and Facial Cleaning

This great spa’includes; body wrap with body scrup that is the funtion of removing excess impuestos, moisturizing, purifying and creating a vasodilation which will help you activate the bloodstream and this cause a lymphatic drainage effect. Relaxing massage with aromaterapia cleaning, facial ,deep cleaning. Duration 240 minutes BOOK NOW

Massage Honey

Honey is the perfect formula for our skin to cool, it is used for years thanks to something properties, but not only that also thanks to the natural sugars of the honey, when we remove it we will have a perfect scrup, eliminating cells dead Duration 60 minutes BOOK NOW

Massage + Facial

This great offer includes; deep facial, cleansing, crane facial massage and 60 minutes of massage, skin and neck, cleaning exfoliation ozone vapor to open and detoxify pores, back head and come done extraction, deep hydration, mask according to the Type of complexion refreshing cream, facial tonic and sunscreen. Duration 120 minutes BOOK NOW