Chocolate Wrapping

The chocolate wrapping is more than a massage; it is a treatment to hydrate your skin and reduce cellulite. It will also make you feel immediately happier by helping your body produce more endorphi ns with just one session. YOU will be absolutely relieved from all tension, lack of vitally and stress, conserve your youth, […]

Wine Theraphy

This treatment helps to tone the breasts, firm the buttocks, reduces the abdomen, also serves for relaxation through massages with fresh grape pulp and essential oils, purifies the skin, stimulates circulation, firms and fights skin aging, includes a glass of wine. Duration 120 minutes BOOK NOW

Marine Mud Wrap

Mud has been used tor thousands of years due to its healing powers. This therapeutic wrap is highly effective in relieving arthritis pain, sports injuries and muscle aches, contains essential oils t hat induce a wonderful state of relaxation and activates the ly,mphatic system. Duration 120 minutes BOOK NOW

Body Exfolation

With this process we remove dead cells from the body, cleaning the outer layers of the skin, right where toxins and impurities accumulate. In addition takes 35 minutes hidrantante massage cream. Duration 120 minutes BOOK NOW

Men’s Facial

This fabulous anti-aging treatment specifically designed to combat deep lines and provide elasticity. Duration 60 minutes BOOK NOW